How to Tether Phone to PS4

It is mandatory to have a non-stop internet connection to enjoy a non-stop gaming experience. It could be irritating when Wi-Fi stops service & game ends without proper results. The solution of this issue is to tether phone to PS4. This will restore the internet connection & players will be able to enjoy their gaming. People also tether phone to PS4 in a situation when they are out of the home & unable to access Wi-Fi. In this post, we will explain the process of tethering a phone to PS4. We will also discuss the details of tethering for newbies. The post will also cover useful tips that a player should keep in mind while he/she is going to tether phone to PS4.


Tethering is a feature or facility that allows users to use mobile data on other devices. Tethering is also called a mobile hotspot, personal hotspot, portable hotspot, or Wi-Fi hotspot. It can be done by using Bluetooth, USB, or Wi-Fi hotspot. The method depends on the devices being connected and the situation.

Tethering makes the devices that can’t connect to wireless internet able to use the data connection of another device. Like, we can tether a tablet to a cell phone to access the internet using the phone’s data package. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Tethering

Here are some advantages of tethering: 

  • Tethered systems can travel further and longer
  • Tethered systems don’t need on-board power

Here are some disadvantages of tethering: 

  • Using Wi-Fi tethering can use a lot of data. Data usage depends on the number of devices that are connected & how much data they are consuming.
  • This process can spoil a user’s data plan & he/she has to bear extra expenses.

These disadvantages can be overcome by estimating the data usage of devices.


Before moving towards the practical process that will cover how to tether phone to PS4 we should be aware of some prerequisites that are mandatory to keep in mind before tethering.

 Users should check whether their mobile data plan can meet the requirements of this feature or not. This means users should have a high-volume data package.

They should also check whether the device supports this feature or not.

Steps to tether phone to PS4

Enable Mobile Hotspot

The process will start by enabling the hotspot of a mobile. Mobile hotspots can be enabled by following some easy steps. Let’s discuss.

Step 01: First of all go to mobile’s Settings & tap it.

tether phone to PS4
Tap Settings

Step 02: Locate & tap the Other wireless Connections option.

Tap Other Wireless Connections

Step 03: Here you will find two types of options one is to share personal hotspots & the other is to Tether Wi-Fi. You should select the Personal Hotspot in case when you are going to share a data package. But if you want to tether phone to PS4 by Wi-Fi then select the Wi-Fi tethering option. I am going to select Personal Hotspot.

Tap Personal Hotspot

Step 04: Now enable “Enable Your Personal Hotspot”.  This will enable data hotspots to other devices.

Enable Personal Hotspot

Note that: The device will disable the hotspot automatically after 10 minutes in case when no device is connected.

Configure Hotspot Settings

You can manage personal hotspot or Wi-Fi settings depending upon the option you selected to tether phone to PS4.

Step 01: I selected Personal Hotspot so I will select Personal Hotspot Setting.

Select Personal Hotspot Settings

Step 02: Here you can find the option to set a password for security. Set the password & also make it visible to other devices. If you already had set the password then you can simply use this password later on.

Set Password

Connect PS4 to Mobile Hotspot

Step 01: Go to Settings.

Tap Settings

Step 02: Next locate & tap Network.

Tap Network.

Step 03: Now tap Set Up Internet Connection.

Tap Set Up Internet Connection.

Step 04: Next tap Use Wi-Fi.

Tap Use Wi-Fi.

Step 05: You will find two options select Easy from them.

Tap Easy

Step 06: Select the phone whose hotspot is available.

Select Device

Step 07: Enter the password. Remember that this is the same password that we set for our mobile’s hotspot.

Enter Password

Step 08: It will take a few seconds to test the internet connection. After testing the connection will be established.

Connection established

Common Issues

Some issues can occur in case when you tether phone to PS4. These issues include device detection & slow internet speed.


  • These issues can be solved by taking easy steps like:
  • Verify your phone’s settings.
  • Reboot your device
  • Ensure that you are in an area with robust signal strength.

Bonus Tips

Here are some bonus tips for users that will make their gaming journey more reliable & enjoyable.

  • Choose a device data plan with good speed & data allowance.
  • Set your phone in an area where suitable connection is available.
  • Close background apps on your device to prioritize the internet connection for gaming.

Finally, we complete the process of “How to tether phone to PS4” in an easy & understandable method. We explored the new possibilities for gaming. We covered the method step by step to make it easy for newbies. This post will be useful both for seasoned & new users. Users can enjoy a non-stop gaming experience by following the steps mentioned above. They can securely use their phone’s hotspot in case they are unable to connect to Wi-Fi directly. Just note the precautions to save your devices & enjoy your gaming journey.  

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Can I Tether Any Smartphone to My PS4?

Generally, most current smartphones provide tethering capabilities. However, it is critical to check your telephone’s specs and make certain that your company lets in the tethering characteristic. Additionally, the steps to allow tethering may moreover vary slightly depending on the make and version of your mobile phone.

Will Tethering Drain My Phone’s Battery Quickly?

When you tether phone to PS4 it consumes more battery energy because it activates the mobile hotspot function. To mitigate battery drain, remember to connect your cellphone to a strength supply in the course of extended gaming education. Also, keep in mind that when you tether phone to PS4 your mobile telephone’s battery health, as non-forestall immoderate-energy usage may also moreover impact prolonged-time period ordinary overall performance.

What Should I Do If the PS4 Connection Drops During Gaming?

If you revel in intermittent connection drops, strive for the subsequent:
Ensure your cellphone is near the PS4 for a robust signal.
Check for interference from different digital gadgets.
Restart each of your cell phones and the PS4.
Review and update your telephone’s hotspot settings for stability.

Can I Use Mobile Data for Online Multiplayer Games on PS4?

Absolutely! Tethering allows you to apply your cell facts for online multiplayer gaming on the PS4. However, preserve a look ahead to your data utilization, as multiplayer gaming can eat greater information as compared to specific sports activities. Consider selecting a cell records plan with enough pace and information allowance.

Are There Any Security Risks when we tether phone to PS4?

While tethering itself is generally consistent, it is essential to take precautions when you decide to tether phone to PS4:
Set a strong password in your cellular hotspot to prevent unauthorized right of entry.
Avoid gaining access to sensitive facts at the same time as linked to public networks.
Keep your mobile phone’s software application updated to patch any safety vulnerabilities.

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