How to Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato

In an energetic world of gaming, every victory & collaborative success deserves to be celebrated. The ability to capture & share the victory moments has become an integral part of the gaming experience. PlayStation enthusiasts not only want to record the gameplay but also want to record party chat on PS4. We are mainly going to explore “How to record party chat on PS4 with Elgato. This article is produced to cover the growing interest in preserving the moments of gaming interactions.

Whether you are a seasoned user or just a newbie in the gaming world, this post will prove beneficial for all. It will enhance your gaming experience & make you a skilled person. Let’s explore the importance of this process & try to find out the advantages it will bring for gamers & content creators. You have to read the article till the end to understand this amazing experience.

Understand the Basics of Party Chat

Recording a party chat extends beyond documenting a gameplay. It includes collaborative strategy discussions, and enjoyable laughter & the most important thing is to record the shared victories. These are memorable moments so this feature captures the hearts of gaming enthusiasts. Elgato is a famous device among gamers that plays an important role in this process. It is designed in a good style & can be integrated with a PS4 setup easily is likely work as YoWhatsApp Chats.

Importance to Record Party Chat

Before moving toward the practical process let’s discuss the importance of recording party chat on PS4 with Elgato.

Save Memories

Gaming is not about reaching the end of levels but the journey of experience. It builds good communities & collects the skilled persons at a place. Recording of party chat allows users to preserve their memories. It is the same as creating a digital book that includes chapters on gaming levels & can be enjoyed as & when required. It’s always joyful to recall the good memories.

Content Creation

It’s more useful for content creators as the recorded party chats provide a wide range of material for knowledge seekers. This recorded content includes a gaming overview, recorded dialogue & other useful tips that work as the backbone for gaming enthusiasts.

Experience Sharing

In this digital era where gaming has become a social activity, it’s good to share the gaming experience. Gaming is more than just a play. It’s a huge world of experience. Recording party chat allows you to share the entire interface of your gaming sessions. This will make it more useful for your audience.

Advantages of Elgato Capture Devices

We have discussed the benefits that we will enjoy when we record party chat on PS4 with Elgato. Now we are going to discuss the advantages of the Elgato device. Realize that these advantages can make a good addition to our skills. It’s good to say that we can get prominence by learning this process. Let’s discuss.


Elgato devices are known for their versatility. They are easy to set up with gaming consoles. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newbie these devices offer flexibility & adaptability for various recording environments.

Easy to Use

A user-friendly system simplifies the recording process. By using the controls users can enhance their skills while the Elgato capture card seamlessly handles the technical aspects of recording.

Steps to Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato

Let’s discuss the practical steps to record party chat on PS4 with Elgato

Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato
Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato

1. Connect Elgato Capture Card

  • Connect your Elgato capture card to a computer using a USB cable.
  • Connect the HDMI cable from your PS4 to the “HDMI In” port on the Elgato capture card.
  • Connect another HDMI cable from the “HDMI Out” port on the Elgato to your TV or monitor.

2. Set up Audio Connection

  • Connect a 3.5mm audio cable from the “Audio Out” port on your TV or monitor to the “Analog In” port on your Elgato (if applicable).

3. Connect  Headset to the PS4 Controller

  • Make sure your headset is connected to your PS4 controller because the Party Chat audio often comes through the controller.

4. Configure Audio Settings on PS4

  • On your PS4, go to Settings > Devices >Audio Devices.
  • Set the “Input Device” to the headset connected to your controller.
  • Set the “Output Device” to the TV or HDMI Out to allow audio to pass through to the Elgato.

5. Adjust Party Chat Settings

  • Make sure that the audio output is set to both “Headset” and “TV or AV Amplifier” in the Party Chat.

6. Open Elgato Software

  • Open the Elgato capture software on the computer.

7. Check Audio in Elgato Software

  • In the Elgato software, go to the audio settings.
  • Make sure the audio input is set to the correct source (usually HDMI or Analog In).
  • Adjust audio levels as per requirements.

8. Start the process to Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato

  • Begin recording in the Elgato software.
  • Start your game and join the Party Chat on PS4.

9. Monitor Audio Levels

  • It’s mandatory to monitor the audio levels in the Elgato software to ensure the Party Chat audio is being captured.

Advantages of Comprehensive Audio Capture

Captivating Content

A recording consists of both audio & party chat dialogue. It provides more captivating content for your audience. It allows them to feel the energy of the moment & truly connect with your gaming environment.

Advanced Editing Options

Having a suitable audio-capturing device provides advanced editing options during the editing phase. Users can highlight specific conversations & add subtitles. They can also adjust audio levels to create professional final content.

Additional Tips for an Enhanced Experience

Update Firmware

Regularly check the updates of firmware both for PS4 & Elgato capture card to get the advantage from the latest features & optimizations.

Select a dedicated Microphone

Consider a dedicated microphone to record party chat on PS4 with Elgato for improved audio quality. This can be especially beneficial for content creators who are eager for professional recordings.

Explore Editing Software

You should explore video editing software to enhance the quality of the content. This will allow you to add captions & refine your gaming highlights. It will make you prominent in the gaming world.

Finally, we realized that it’s useful to record party chat on PS4 with Elgato. It will enhance the overall gaming experience. It will especially add to the content creator’s skill. It can be used to capture the gaming community spirit. An important point is that it could prove the source of courage for new gamers & content creators. This unique article can make you a skilled person as it will enhance gaming, content creation & editing skills at the same time. Try it to enhance your gaming experience.

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1. Can I Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato Without a Capture Card?

No, It’s not possible to Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato without a capture card isn’t always possible if you need to capture each video gameplay and Party Chat audio simultaneously. A seize card, inclusive of those furnished by way of using Elgato, is crucial for connecting your PS4 to your computer and taking pictures of each visible and audio factor.

2. Are There Alternatives to Elgato Capture Devices to Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato?

While Elgato is a famous preference, there are exclusive genuine seize card brands like AVerMedia and Hauppauge that also offer compatibility with PS4. When choosing a size tool, make certain it allows the vital connections and has the best evaluations concerning compatibility with the PS4 machine.

3. Can I Edit Party Chat Audio Separately After Recording?

Yes, you may edit Party Chat audio separately after recording. Video enhancing software permits you to artwork with man or woman audio tracks, permitting you to decorate, modify, or maybe mute Party Chat audio independently. This flexibility complements your capacity to create polished and professional content fabric.

4. Will Recording Party Chat Affect My Gameplay Performance on PS4?

When a user wants to Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato it will have minimum effect on your PS4’s gameplay performance. The capture card handles the recording manner independently, leaving your console’s sources normally dedicated to jogging the game. However, it is constantly an awesome concept to check the system requirements of your preferred capture tool.

5. How Can I Improve Audio Quality when I want to Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato?

To enhance audio high-quality when you want to Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato, keep in mind the usage of a dedicated microphone for clear voice seize. Investing in an exquisite headset with noise-canceling features also can substantially decorate the clarity of recorded conversations. Additionally, frequently updating your PS4 device software program and When you Record Party Chat on PS4 with Elgato it ensures you’ve got stylish improvements and optimizations for audio recording.

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