Change Language in Apex Legends on XBOX & PS4

How to Change Language in Apex Legends on Xbox & PS4

Apex Legends is famous for its attractive powers. It not only attracts the players but provides the functionality to enhance their gaming experience. The XBOX & PS4 players who want to customize language settings are going to enjoy this post as this post is going to prove helpful for them. They can get complete details on how to change language in Apex Legends. This article will offer practical steps and troubleshooting tips.

Apex Legends demands communication & strategies to play the game. As we discussed communication is a mandatory source so language plays a vital role in this term. Language creates a proper understanding between the player & game interface. Whether you are trying to explore the consolers or want to create an understanding between team members it’s mandatory to know how to change language in Apex Legends. As we have mentioned two consoles above we will cover the process for both XBOX & PS4. Read the article till the last word as it’s going to enhance your gaming experience & here are some bonus tips that can make you prominent in the world of gaming.

Steps to Change Language in Apex Legends on XBOX & PS4.

Let’s start the practical process that will change language in Apex Legends. We will cover the practical for both XBOX & PS4 sequentially. Before moving towards the practice we have to know some prerequisites.


Be sure that the gaming console is ready to use. It’s in proper working condition & up to date form.

Steps for XBOX

  • Navigate the dashboard by pressing the XBOX button on the controller.
  • Locate & select Apex Legends to start the game.
  • Once the game starts go to Settings & follow the steps given below.

Step 01: Go to System, locate & tap Language & Location.

change language in Apex Legends
Tap Language & Location.

Step 02: Tap the Language option. A dropdown list of available languages will appear.

Tap Language

Step 03: Select a language & Restart the system.

Tap Restart

Steps for PS4

  • Open dashboard.
  • Find the Apex Legends & select to open it.
  • When the game starts follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 01: Locate & open Settings.

Tap Settings

Step 02: Scroll down the list of options you will find a Language option tap it.

Tap Language

Step 03: Next tap System Languages.

Tap system Languages

Step 04: A list of available languages will appear. Select a language.

Select a Language

Step 05: Finally tap Yes to allow the changes.

Tap Yes

Troubleshooting Tips

Common Issues

Language not changing

Sometimes users are caught in a situation where they find that language is not changing. Recheck that you have saved the changes properly to change language in Apex Legends.

Restart Issue

After restarting your console if you find that the settings are not applied then again to settings & confirm that you had saved the changes or not.

System Language

Ensure that the system supports the desired language.

Game Updates

Ensure that Apex Legends is up to date & in proper working condition.

Additional Tips

Regional Variations

Keep in mind that the availability of languages can be different based on geographical area. Some languages may have limited support depending on your location.

Game Updates & Patches

Developers regularly upgrade updates & patches of Apex Legends. So it’s mandatory to be up to date to have the most important information.

Community & Language

Join the community to discover the players who speak the same language. Join the language-specific forums to enhance your gaming experience.

Finally, we have completed the process of Change Language in Apex Legends. By following the steps & considering additional tips a user not only customize their console but also gain useful troubleshooting skills. Playing in the native language enhances communication & overall enjoyment. May your selected language prove a useful tool for your victory? So change the language of Apex Legends to maintain a good gaming record.

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Q1: Can I Change Language in Apex Legends to Any Language of My Choice?

Yes, you can Change Language in Apex Legends. While Apex Legends gives a various range of language options, the delivery can also vary primarily based on your geographical region. Certain languages might also additionally have restricted help, so it’s vital to test to have options within the sports settings on your Xbox or PS4.

Q2: Do I Need to Restart Every Time I Change Language in Apex Legends?

In most times, confirming and saving your language modifications inner the sports settings should suffice. However, for the adjustments to take entire effect, it’s miles advocated to restart Apex Legends. This ensures a continuing transition to your chosen language and avoids any capacity device defects in the game’s language display.

Q3: Can I Play Apex Legends with Players Who Speak the Same Language?

Yes, you could enhance your gaming revel in via connecting with game enthusiasts who communicate your language. Apex Legends boasts a colorful network, and becoming a member of language-precise forums, Discord channels, or social media companies can offer the possibility to speak effectively with teammates, proportion techniques, and immerse you in the gaming community.

Q4: How Often Should I Check for Game Updates to Ensure Language Changes Work Smoothly?

Developers regularly release updates and patches for Apex Legends to deal with bugs, introduce new functions, and beautify the gaming revel in. It’s an extremely good practice to check for activity updates regularly, specifically when you want to change language in Apex Legends. This guarantees that you have access to the stylish language alternatives and any fixes that could have been applied through the developers.

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