How to Change Aspect Ratio on PS4      

Gaming enthusiasts are ready as we are going to expand our experience & skill. It’s mandatory to know the factors that influence players’ gaming skills. The aspect ratio is one of them. Users can easily adjust & change the aspect ratio on PS4. In this post, we are going to explore the process that will enable users to easily change aspect ratio on PS4. We will perform the process practically & additionally, we will adjust video display settings. You can say that we are going to maintain our consoles’ display which will ensure an enjoyable gaming experience. Display matters a lot. Being a good player it’s necessary to maintain our system. These mandatory practices will add to your knowledge & you will be able to enjoy a smooth gaming journey. Let’s understand the benefits, requirements & practical guidelines to change aspect ratio on PS4.

Understand Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is often represented as a pair of numbers like 16:9. It shows the relationship between the width & height of the screen or image. This number works like a code to adjust the perfect display. It’s the base upon which the gaming visuals are designed. It builds an attractive display for the best gaming experience.

Suppose your console’s screen is a canvas & aspect ratio is the canvas dimensions. A standard aspect ratio like 16:9 ensures that the canvas is wide enough to show the visuals of your favorite game. Understanding this concept is mandatory to set up a good gaming interface.

Benefits of Adjusting Aspect Ratio on PS4

Adjusting an aspect ratio opens the opportunities for visual enhancements. These adjustments to change aspect ratio on PS4 not only give a gaming experience to the player but also ensure compatibility with different display devices. Consider that your TV or monitor has a unique aspect ratio. Adjusting the settings of PS4 to match those native ratios will cover the gap between the console & the display device. Consequently, you will find distortion-free gaming content. It will ensure that the visuals of your favorite games are presented on a standardized display.

It’s time to say goodbye to distorted images or videos as the adjustment of the aspect ratio ensures the clarity of the interface & results in absolute visuals. When you change aspect ratio on PS4, characters will appear clear & the environment will be attractive & bright. There will be pixel management. We can say that we are going to have the best moments of our gaming journey.


Before starting the practical process it’s mandatory to check the TV or monitor’s aspect ratio. Check your device’s manual that is produced for guidance of the users. Auto aspect ratio acts as a default setting which is set by the manufacturer to represent the visuals in their required form. It’s the canvas size that is aligned with the dimensions of the images or videos you’ll see during your gaming adventure. If we adjust the display device’s settings with our console’s settings then we are ensuring the best display for our favorite game.

Adjustment of the device’s ratio with the console ratio works as a base for the best gaming experience. It is the first step to unlock the potential of your gaming setup & to change aspect ratio on PS4. Ensure that each visual detail is presented with the required ratio.

Steps to Change Aspect Ratio on PS4   

   Follow the given steps to change aspect ratio on PS4.    

Step 01: First of all go to Settings.

Change Aspect Ratio on PS4
Select Settings

Step 02: Next locate & select the Sound & Screen option.

Select Sound & Screen

Step 03: A list of options will appear. Select the Display Area Settings option from them.

Tap Display Area Settings

Step 04: Tap the Shrink or Enlarge to adjust the display area of the device’s screen.

Tap Enlarge or Shrink

Steps for Video Output Settings

Video output settings matter a lot when you try to change aspect Ratio on PS4. It is the main part of the adjustment. Let’s discuss the details.      

Step 05: Move back. Locate & select Video Output Settings.

Select Video Output Settings

Step 06: Select the Resolution & adjust it according to the device’s requirements.

Select Resolution

Step 07: Next move to RGB Rang & adjust it.

Select RGB Range

Step 08: Adjust HDR & Deep Color Output by following the same instructions.


Step 09: Check the results.

The aspect ratio has been changed

Troubleshooting Tips

We are often caught up in issues when trying to adjust some tech process. If you encounter issues during the adjustment process then you can follow the following tips to Change Aspect Ratio on PS4 successfully.

  • Verify the TV or monitor’s compatibility with the selected aspect ratio.
  • Troubleshooting is like a puzzle. If one piece doesn’t fit try another.
  • Check the match between the selected ratio & your display device’s capabilities.
  • Ensure that your TV or monitor supports the selected ratio.
  • Check the device’s manual for additional support.
  • If you find it tough to try these steps contact a fellow to help you.

There can be different issues for different users while doing the process. But solving those issues will not just add to your knowledge but also make you a problem solver. So keep trying to adjust things to change aspect ratio on PS4 successfully.

Finally, we have covered the process successfully. We explored that if we practice then it’s easy to change aspect ratio on PS4. By practicing the above-mentioned guidelines you can show your expertise in the world of gaming. Each step of adjustment can enhance the visual representation of your display. Be sure that it’s not fixed and that the same size fits all the devices. You have to check & try the other available options to change the aspect ratio on PS4.

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1. Does it affect the overall performance if I Change Aspect Ratio on PS4?

When you change aspect Ratio on PS4 it generally impacts the visible presentation, it commonly does not immediately impact sports’ overall performance. The element ratio is greater approximately the scale of the displayed image in the vicinity of the processing electricity of the console. However, it’s vital to be aware that converting show settings, infamous, would probably require the console to gadget visuals in another way, so it’s encouraged to pick out settings that can be well suited along with your TV or monitor for the high-quality revel in.

2. How do I discover the local factor ratio of my TV or reveal it?

Locating the native component ratio of your TV or display is important for making sure of maximum excellent visual output. You can generally discover these records in the patron manual that came collectively with your device. Additionally, you could take a look at the dependable net website online of the manufacturer or discover the on-display show (OSD) menu handy via your TV or display settings. Knowing the nearby element ratio guarantees that your PS4’s visuals align seamlessly together with your show device.

3. Are there precise element ratios endorsed for one in all a type of gaming genres?

While there may be no individual-size-fits-all solution, a few gaming genres can also moreover gain from precise component ratios. For instance, first-character shooters (FPS) would possibly feel more immersive with a wider trouble ratio, offering a broader subject of view. On the other hand, story-pushed or cinematic video games may additionally shine with a brand new 16:9 ratio, enhancing the seen narrative. Experimenting with special ratios allows you to locate the pinnacle of the road putting for every sport, enhancing your widespread gaming enjoyment.

4. Can I use extremely good component ratios for extraordinary video games on my PS4?

The PS4’s flexibility allows you to change Aspect Ratio on PS4 for every game independently. This way you may tailor the display settings to healthful the preferences of unique titles. For instance, you would possibly choose a much wider problem ratio for an expansive open-world sport and a more conventional ratio for a platform. Customizing the detail ratio for every recreation gives a layer of personalization to your gaming setup.

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