cancel Amazon Seller Account

Can I cancel Amazon Seller Account?

An Amazon seller account allows the users to sell in the Amazon store. Users enjoy various advantages of using this method. They don’t have to ship directly to the customers. Besides these advantages, there may be a situation when users want to cancel an Amazon seller account. There can be different reasons for canceling an account. We will discuss the method following which users can cancel Amazon seller accounts easily & confidently. Whether a user wants to change his/her business or there may be some security concerns this post will provide the complete solutions that a user requires while deleting their Amazon seller account. Let’s move ahead.

Reasons to Cancel an Amazon Seller Account

There can be various reasons why a user wants to cancel an Amazon seller account. Let us know.

Change in business strategy.

Personal issues.

Dissatisfaction with Amazon’s services.

Change or ending up of a business.

It’s mandatory to know the reasons as it could guide you about the cancellation process in an easy & smooth way.


Before starting the cancellation process it’s necessary to be prepared. Some steps are mandatory to take before you cancel your Amazon seller account.

  1. Complete all the outstanding orders.
  2. Follow the guarantee period for a minimum of 90 days.
  3. The seller account must have zero balance.
  4. Fulfill all buyers’ transactions.
  5. Resolve pending transaction issues & refunds.
  6. The user’s bank account details should be added to Amazon as this will enable the user to make for final payment.
  7. Be sure that there is no inventor left in the account.

Steps to Cancel an Amazon Seller Account

Now we are going to discuss the practical process. After following the process a user will be able to cancel an Amazon seller account.

Step 01: Access the Amazon seller account

The first step is to log in to a seller account. This can be done by using a username & password simply.

Step 02: Locate account settings

After logging in locate account settings. The “Settings” option will be available in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Step 03: Start the cancellation process

After locating the settings option find & tap the “Account info” section. Now you will find the option to “Close Account”.

Step 04: Provide the required information

Amazon will prompt a user to provide details about why they want to cancel an Amazon seller account. Be sure to provide accurate information. Next, follow the instructions available on the screen.

Step 05: Confirm cancellation request

Review the provided information & confirm the cancellation request. Note that this action is irreversible so do it when you are assured. Once users submit the request to cancel their account, they will receive confirmation from the Amazon team via email. If a problem arises, the company will send you an email explaining why your account cannot be canceled. They will also specify the necessary actions to take to solve the problem.

Consideration & Warnings.

It is necessary to know that cancellation of an Amazon seller account will result in certain considerations & warnings.

Product listing & Reviews

Account deletion may affect the users’ product listing & reviews. It will affect the users’ visibility on the platform.

Buy Box Eligibility

User’s Buy Box eligibility can be affected which will influence sales & competitiveness.

Amazon Payments & Disbursements

It is necessary to understand the repercussions on payment disbursements & any outstanding funds.

Reactive Restrictions

Be aware of restrictions that may affect the reactivation of the account in the future.

Cancellation alternatives

cancel amazon seller account
Cancellation alternatives

If a user does not want to cancel an Amazon seller account permanently they may consider the following alternatives.

Temporary Suspension

Users can temporarily suspend the account without permanent cancellation.

Downgrading Account Level

Users can adjust their account level which suit better for current needs.

Seek Assistance

Contact Amazon Seller Support for guidance & assistance according to your current situation.

We’ve discussed the account cancellation process in an easy & understandable way. By following the instructions mentioned above a user can easily & confidently cancel an Amazon seller account. Whether a user is taking a break or wants to permanently skip the service these instructions will prove supportive for all situations. Users can permanently cancel or may use other alternatives according to their requirements. Took an overview of the account situation, choose & follow one process which is mentioned above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Reactivate a Canceled Account?

Generally, reactivation isn’t always feasible as quickly as an account is canceled. Therefore, don’t forget options carefully earlier than proceeding. The process to cancel an Amazon seller account is permanent.

How Long Does the Cancellation Process Take?

The way commonly concludes inner some commercial corporation days, but the precise period may also additionally range.

Are There Any Fees Associated with Canceling an Account?

No, Amazon no longer imposes unique charges if a user wants to cancel an Amazon seller account. However, make sure all incredible charges are settled earlier than beginning the cancellation.

What Happens to My Inventory After Cancellation?

If you applied for Fulfillment by way of Amazon (FBA), your stock can be dealt with based totally on the FBA policies. It’s crucial to plan for the retrieval or disposal of your merchandise as a result.

How can I make sure a smooth transition for my clients after canceling my Amazon Seller Account?

Prioritize communication with your clients. Inform them well in advance approximately the account closure, any adjustments in services, and wherein they may find your products or services transferring forward. Provide an opportunity to touch statistics or redirect them to your new online platform if relevant. Additionally, make sure that any pending orders are fulfilled or refunded promptly to hold incredible client relationships. Open and transparent communique is prime to a successful transition.

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